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HDW HOP: Kukkii

  • Industrial design and products
  • Interior
  • Sustainability
Sep 7, Thu 09:00-17:00
Sep 8, Fri 09:00-21:00
Sep 9, Sat 09:00-19:00
Sep 10, Sun 11:00-18:00
Sep 11, Mon 09:00-21:00
Sep 12, Tue 09:00-21:00
Sep 13, Wed 09:00-21:00
Sep 14, Thu 09:00-21:00
Sep 15, Fri 09:00-21:00
Sep 16, Sat 09:00-19:00
Sep 17, Sun 11:00-18:00
Stockmann, Aleksanterinkatu 52, 00100 Helsinki
Event type
Free Admission
Accessibility for all

KUKKII is a landscape built up from one hundred wooden sculptures. It reflects the continuing change and growth in ourselves and in the surrounding environment. The sculpture series represents nature’s diversity, sensibility and pure beauty. The series is made out of wood with a delicate and poetic style, using different kinds of carving techniques, from hand carving to CNC milling.

The installation designed by the Master Cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen reminds us of the importance of the memorable and meaningful moments that allow for calming, observing and experiencing creativity. It depicts a moment of freedom when there is room and time to just be and wonder about the surrounding. There is a hope that urban development will enable such ideas in the future and offer aesthetics as part of people’s everyday life.

The installation is made in collaboration with designer Laura Väinölä.

The installation is part of the HDW Hop City Installations. Finnish Cultural Foundation and Asko Foundation have supported the installation.





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