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Illustration style and design process

Sep 15, Fri 10:00-12:00
Kasarimkatu 15
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Free Admission
Accessibility for all

Grafia is organizing an illustration event in Helsinki Design Week HOP: Enter -installation at Maneesi. Leena Kisonen is talking about finding her own illustration style and Linda Linko is unmystifying the process of design and illustrations.


Leena Kisonen: Creating an illustration style

What does it take to create your own illustration style? Graphic Artist Leena Kisonen will share the story behind her own visual language and show examples of her own work over the years. She will give you ideas on developing and finding inspiration for your work.

Leena Kisonen


Linda Linko: Unmystifying illustration and design process

Is it magic or pure science? Illustrator Linda Linko walks us through the design process from idea and pitch to ready design or illustration. How customer and designer communicate and do they have a dialog? How does the process differ when client is big / small, local / global etc.

Linda Linko

The event is in english.

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