• Installation

HDW HOP: Play your Helsinki

Sep 7, Thu 18:00-00:00
Sep 8, Fri 24h
Sep 9, Sat 24h
Sep 10, Sun 24h
Sep 11, Mon 24h
Sep 12, Tue 24h
Sep 13, Wed 24h
Sep 14, Thu 24h
Sep 15, Fri 24h
Sep 16, Sat 24h
Sep 17, Sun 24h
Event type
Free Admission
Accessibility for all

Play your Helsinki invites people to share their experiences of Helsinki and take part in discussing what’s most important for them in our city but also to speak out regarding its planning and infrastructure. The installation is meant to be thought-provoking, waken memories and raise opinions, but also to inspire the sharing of stories of Helsinki.
The piece consists of hundreds of metal pipes that resemble church bells when moved. The data on the movement of the pipes is collected, processed and visualized online on the Play your Helsinki website, where one can see how the visitors have interacted with the installation. The collected data will include elements of chance and the effects of nature, which raises the question about the accuracy of statistics in general. How well can human factors in the end be measured and predicted?
Play your Helsinki is designed and executed by Paja&Bureau and Brains on Art. The installation is part of the HDW HOP City Installations.


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