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Habi Kids: School Day

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Sep 13, Wed 12:00-20:00
Habitare, Messukeskus
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12-8 pm Nonstop Workshops

Fiskars Jungle and Nature Workshop in the Habi Kids Tent
Be bold and take a peek into another world. Enter the tent and work on an installation together with other adventurers. Inside the tent, we’ll be finding out what a versatile material paper is and how scissors can be used to make miracles. The sound and shadow world created by Habi Kids space designer Milja Aho is an experience. Come co-create a secret jungle world that becomes fuller and wilder as the event proceeds. At the tent, we invite everybody to participate in the FISKARS JUNGLE CHALLENGE!

Pattern Wall by the Habi Kids Cafe
The Habi Kids Pattern Studio is an evolving collage studio to explore and invent colours and shapes in a group. Kids can make their marks on the wall with various print patterns.

Design Orienteering – Takeoff at the Main Gate of Habi Kids
Area SuoMu’s Design Orienteering is a fun way to explore the Habitare fair and use the fair centre as a playground! This orienteering game lets participants observe, test and explore the different forms of design and the companies involved and meet the designers. Orienteering instructions and tasks can be found at the Habi Kids main gate.

12.30-1 pm Kids Interview Designers | Habi Kids Cafe Designers seen at Habitare have an opportunity to tell their designer stories and sources of inspiration, sharing their teachings. Kids interested in design interview the designers.

1:30-2:30 pm Design Learning Battle | Habitare Arena
Interesting content about design learning for kids, families and schools. On the opening day of Habitare, Habi Kids takes over the main stage with a DESIGN LEARNING BATTLE. Design specialists discuss the most interesting themes and opportunities as well as the challenges of design education and its relation to what schools need. The battle is hosted by design education specialist Mari Savio from SuoMu; panelists include creative director of Habitare Laura Sarvilinna; Mira Kallio-Tavin, senior lecturer at Aalto University Department of Arts; Hanna Kapanen, curator at the Design Museum; Toni Kauppila, professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design’s Department of Design; Pihla Meskanen, headmaster of the Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth; and Mirja Hämäläinen, researcher at Demos Helsinki.

2-4 pm MUTKU Lessons for School Kids | Habi Kids Workshop Raft
Come test design education methods with the SuoMu Design Ambassadors. This educational theme park is all about developing a dream school together: imagining, inventing and prototyping. The lessons:

UTOPIA: brainstorming and visualization in the form of a mobile decoration.

THEME PARK FOR LEARNING: a lesson about co-designing the school of our dreams.

FUTURATOR: authoring lessons of the future.

4-4.30 pm Demos Helsinki and Peer Learning | Habi Kids Cafe
Mirja Hämäläinen of Demos Helsinki explains projects where learning together is the most important thing.

5-8 pm What is LSC; what is MUTKU?
Futurice and SuoMu invite everybody to learn to know the Lean Service Creation model, a way of working developed by Futurice. The workshop is about co-developing the MUTKU app of design learning. Suitable for all ages. More information here.

The day is part of the Habi Kids Design School which is produced together with SuoMu – the Finnish Association of Design Learning, Helsinki Design Week and Habitare. See the whole programme here.

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