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Bold. Contemporary. Genuine. 80 years of Finland’s Best-Loved Jewelry

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Sep 7, Thu 00:05-23:55
Sep 8, Fri 00:05-23:55
Sep 9, Sat 00:05-23:55
Sep 10, Sun 00:05-23:55
Sep 11, Mon 00:05-23:55
Sep 12, Tue 00:05-23:55
Sep 13, Wed 00:05-23:55
Sep 14, Thu 00:05-23:55
Sep 15, Fri 00:05-23:55
Sep 16, Sat 00:05-23:55
Sep 17, Sun 00:05-18:00
Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Tyynenmerenkatu2, Helsinki
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Free Admission
Accessibility for all

To celebrate their 80th anniversary, Kalevala Jewelry proudly presents the touring exhibition Bold. Contemporary. Genuine. 80 years of Finland’s Best-Loved Jewelry. At the Clarion Hotel Helsinki, you can see one theme of the exhibition: Contemporary jewelry design and fashion.

Eighty years ago, Kalevala Jewelry was born out of the courage of women and a desire to celebrate Finnish women. On the occasion of our anniversary, we want to encourage all women to believe in themselves and their opportunities.

Kalevala Jewelry production is a combination of Finnish handicraft and state-of-the-art technology. Kalevala Jewelry is a rare exception, as all our jewelry are manufactured at our own factory in Helsinki. Before leaving the factory, every piece of jewelry is handled by approximately 16 skilled professionals. In Kalevala Jewelry, we use recycled silver and gold, and all the production processes have been streamlined with a view to recycling and the environment. Kalevala Jewelry works to maintain traditional Finnish craftsmanship.
Kalevala Jewelry has strong values from the very beginning and has always been involved in charity initiatives.

Designing jewelry takes passion, vision and the boldness to create something new. At Kalevala Jewelry this has been done since 1937.
The exhibition tours Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Lappeenranta. It’s produced by Kalevala Jewelry.

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