October 17, 2016

Design Diplomacy

© Aino Huovio
© Aino Huovio

What skills did your grandparents have that you are jealous of?

What is beautiful?

What is biggest challenge that humankind needs to solve? How can design help?

Design Diplomacy is a series of discussion events held in ambassadors’ residences. A design professional from the hosting country meets a local designer in a new card game.

Instead of a traditional moderator, the participants are given a pack of question cards, which they both draw from to ask each other questions. Playful and intelligent questions challenge both the speakers and the audience to reflect upon design as a part of intercultural exchange. The pack of questions include blank gards which means that it is audience's turn to ask.

The concept boldly combines the prestigious diplomatic setting with informal discussions and builds vital international links for the embassies, speakers and the audience alike.

Design Diplomacy is organized by Helsinki Design Week and was launched in 2016 as part of the Helsinki Design Week programme. It was extremely well received by designers, embassies and the audience.

For more information, please contact the event's producer Helena Fernström,